Monday, April 5, 2010

The world of Creators

Hi ,
I am Divvi , a working mom having some passion for art and craft . This is my one of my initial blogs .I just want to share about how I discovered the world of creative artisans - whom I call creators .

I must thank my good friend at work .She was the first one to introduce me to the art of making jewellery . She took me to a near by bead shop here in Melbourne. She showed me things - how to create new earrings.. I just addicted to it at once .

I started to research online and tried to learn as much as I can .I have found so many creative artists online .Their extensive talent is really amazing.Their imagination is just beyond description .They are so many inspiring artists around the world which I was never aware of .

They have just inspired me to have a small window where I can too show off my creations.
As a result of which ,I have opened my small online store where I have put up creations is my online store.

Thanks to all those inspiring artists ..You guys are just wonderful!!


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