Monday, August 6, 2012

Card making ideas - Few simple ways to try

Making handmade  greeting cards is fun and very addictive .Not very complicated either .You must be thinking that I am going to tell various techniques that one can use to make greeting cards .Well actually  - kind of yes and kind of no

Although the following are the various techniques 

• Embossing
• Quilling
• Parchment paper
• Iris folding
• Origami folding
• Stamping
• Die cuts
• Stencils Etc and so on on .

I wanted to give very simple card making ideas :

1. Combine techniques : Merge any 2 techniques and see how you card comes out..

For eg :  Make a card topper  using the stamping method and  see how that card will look on embossed card or use quilled paper shapes around the topper as a border .

2. Draw and color : One can create simple card toppers by just drawing /tracing an image from magazines / activity books /.paper .etc .

3. Create in different colors : Say you make one card which you think is a winner then recreate the same one in different colors using different pattern paper

4. Cut outs : Do you have any gift bags lying around that you are about throw away ??check again , It can be used for pattern paper or stickers . Cut out images and shapes to have own stickers. Same can be applied to old greeting cards , magazines,gift wrap paper etc .Wherever you can see an image .

5. Digital picture : this is also called Digital embellishments .Take a print of the image and use the same to make your card.Google is best repository of images .Please be aware of copy rights!

6. Doodles : Very similar to idea #2 above but one need not draw very accurate or actual picture .Even doodles can be used in card making. Simple pens ,gel pens , fine liner pens  can be used to doodle .Doodle while you watch TV or while travelling .

There you go , a few ideas for card making .These are very simple techniques to make the main "image "section of the  card.Once that is done ,designing the greeting card becomes very easy .

Have fun!
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