Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ideal Reciepe for good jewellery making!

Hi ,

I have been making jewellery from almost a year or so .I have been trying various things to make my jewelery more attractive ..In this process ,I learnt that by joining a few beads doesn't make jewelery stand out . There are some more things that we need to take care of before we make any stuff ..
1. Design : This is the most important part .A good design clearly stands out .Unique and distinctive design make it really attractive.

2. Color combination : Well ,this is what adds the little extra wow! factor to the handmade jewellery .A good color combination makes pieces really very appealing

3. Bead combination : One will be surprised when one tries makes jewellery with a perfect combination of different types of beads .Try combining pearls with glass or crystal bicones .You will be amazed with the look .This combination has been my favourite.

4. Extras : Ofcourse ,this is not mandatory to make the jewelery ,but if you add some metal spacer beads,bead caps , crystal rondelles etc definetly makes the jewelery really really attractive

Hope these tips are usefull .Try it and enjoy making jewelery ..I do love to make more and more of it !