Monday, November 22, 2010

More time please !!!

Hi guys ,

I am a full time working mom .Running around every day ,busy with my work , busy with kids ,busy with house hold work .I never noticed how the time flew past .My baby was a cute ,as little as I can ever imagine .Just yesterday she was tiny little baby ,today I see her to a be 5 yr old girl .

Just like all moms ,I too became too busy with my day to day work ,I did not notice my little angel grow up .I was amazed to see my kiddo to be speaking , and running and doing things all by herself .I feel so guilty of not spending much time with her .

I know it was all in my hands ,to manage my time .My mistake I totally admit . I really wish I could turn the time behind a little and see my kid do things which passed away in a blink of an eye.
I wish I could get more time in a day ,to spend some time with people who form the most important part of my world.
I wish God had created days with more hours than just 24 hrs .. may be he too was a bit busy !!!..