Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Admire this artisan -Kindras Creations

Hello ..
Today I want to tell about a fabulous artisan who is extremely creative and awesome.
Please join me to admire this wonderful artisan who has fabulous talent in creating paper craft embellishments for scrapbooking .

The embellishments are master pieces and are one of its kind .

Great work !! ..


Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Ms Sunshine

Hello again ..

I have been doing a lot of designing lately and trying to make some time to create those designs as well .
With the hectic days,I had very little time in which I was able to create these pretty earrings .. which I call as "Little Ms Sunshine"
Fresh water pearls with sunshine stone earrings

These earrings are made with chipped sunshine stones and high quality fresh water pearls .

Since they are not so lengthy ,the name "Little Ms Sunshine" suits it ideally


Monday, April 12, 2010

White lady in pearls

Hi again ..
Last few days were extremely busy for me.I had too many things on my plate and I was very much occupied in clearing my "to do" list .
After such hectic days ,I have found some time to update my online store and I was able to showcase my newest creation,which I call "The White Lady"

These earrings are made of high grade precious fresh water pearls beautifully blended with gold sun dial.

The center piece is antique gold toned sun dial shaped metal piece and the bead caps are also antique gold toned.

Each earring contains 7 pearls which are about approximately 8mm in size.

These earrings are graceful ,charming ,glamarous and feminine in look and nature

Monday, April 5, 2010

Autumn Colors

The Autumn season has arrived in Melbourne.One can see bright oranges ,reds and browns in almost everywhere .Inspired with such good colors ,I have created these earrings

Click here to see more details

These earrings are made with acrylic beads beautifully blended with antique silver components .
Just like the season's bright colors ,these earrings have beautiful red tear drop shaped beads at the end which gives them an extra charm .

This pair of earrings is one of my favorite designs .


The world of Creators

Hi ,
I am Divvi , a working mom having some passion for art and craft . This is my one of my initial blogs .I just want to share about how I discovered the world of creative artisans - whom I call creators .

I must thank my good friend at work .She was the first one to introduce me to the art of making jewellery . She took me to a near by bead shop here in Melbourne. She showed me things - how to create new earrings.. I just addicted to it at once .

I started to research online and tried to learn as much as I can .I have found so many creative artists online .Their extensive talent is really amazing.Their imagination is just beyond description .They are so many inspiring artists around the world which I was never aware of .

They have just inspired me to have a small window where I can too show off my creations.
As a result of which ,I have opened my small online store where I have put up creations is my online store.

Thanks to all those inspiring artists ..You guys are just wonderful!!