Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 easy steps to make own earrings

HI all ,
 Today I am going to show you a very easy way to make your own earrings.The method so simple that you can make a  pair of earrings  under 15 mins ( or even less) if you are good in handling tools

I call it the bead ,hoop and link method

STep 1 : Take a head pin, based on the length of the head pin we can insert 1 to 3 or max 4 beads into the head pin .In the pic below i have used a head pin which can accomodate 3 beads.

Step 2 : Leave enough free length of the head pin such that we can make a loop .Use your jewelry pliers to bend the head pin (last free length bit) to a right angle .then holding the tip of the bent ,make the loop
as shown below

Step 3 :
Now link this dangling piece to a ear hook
as shown below

easy peasy ! isnt it!

There you go one easy way to make handmade jewelry .

This is the most common way and also more versatile to make handmade earrings .

Again inserting too many beads into single head pin may not be ideal too.

The same method can be used in various combination of bead types ,colors .The earrings made thus will look more grogeous whenever bead caps or metallic spacers are used.

I would love to add pics to this blog but i just havent had them ready. I will do it soon enough :)


Monday, August 6, 2012

Card making ideas - Few simple ways to try

Making handmade  greeting cards is fun and very addictive .Not very complicated either .You must be thinking that I am going to tell various techniques that one can use to make greeting cards .Well actually  - kind of yes and kind of no

Although the following are the various techniques 

• Embossing
• Quilling
• Parchment paper
• Iris folding
• Origami folding
• Stamping
• Die cuts
• Stencils Etc and so on on .

I wanted to give very simple card making ideas :

1. Combine techniques : Merge any 2 techniques and see how you card comes out..

For eg :  Make a card topper  using the stamping method and  see how that card will look on embossed card or use quilled paper shapes around the topper as a border .

2. Draw and color : One can create simple card toppers by just drawing /tracing an image from magazines / activity books /.paper .etc .

3. Create in different colors : Say you make one card which you think is a winner then recreate the same one in different colors using different pattern paper

4. Cut outs : Do you have any gift bags lying around that you are about throw away ??check again , It can be used for pattern paper or stickers . Cut out images and shapes to have own stickers. Same can be applied to old greeting cards , magazines,gift wrap paper etc .Wherever you can see an image .

5. Digital picture : this is also called Digital embellishments .Take a print of the image and use the same to make your card.Google is best repository of images .Please be aware of copy rights!

6. Doodles : Very similar to idea #2 above but one need not draw very accurate or actual picture .Even doodles can be used in card making. Simple pens ,gel pens , fine liner pens  can be used to doodle .Doodle while you watch TV or while travelling .

There you go , a few ideas for card making .These are very simple techniques to make the main "image "section of the  card.Once that is done ,designing the greeting card becomes very easy .

Have fun!
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